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Hello! My name is Aubrey and I am so thrilled to be a part of this team! I am the stay-at-home mom to three beautiful and energetic kids: Kinsley, Kenton, and Colby. They are amazing little people and it is fun to watch them grow and constantly learn new things (although I feel like I am constantly trying to keep them alive in spite of their efforts! Haha!) I am also the wife to the best husband ever! We met in college and have been married ten years at the end of this year. It is amazing how fast time does fly!! I wouldn’t be the person I am if it weren’t for him. He really keeps me sane some days J! Despite not working outside the home, I am kept constantly busy with the gym, church, family, friends, and whatever project I put on myself……oh and of course scrapbooking!!
I started paper scrapbooking back in 2003 thanks to my sister-in-law and just jumped right in. After we started having kids it was hard to keep pulling stuff out and keep them out of it, but I continued because I loved it and it was my out. In 2008 I needed to create a digital card and was online looking for digital kits that I could try for free and low and behold: Shabby Princess!! In 2009 I started messing around with making pages and found I really liked it, but was hesitant to give up paper (I had amassed a huge amount of stuff!). My husband encouraged it (he wanted to save on crafts! Haha!) so I told him I would give it a try for one year for our family scrapbook. Yeah……I haven’t looked back. I am still trying to decide what to do with all my stuff!! You couldn’t pay me to go back!
I use Photoshop CS3
Cameras: Cannon Rebel XT and Kodak Easy Share (my husband wanted this for himself, but I use it if I need to capture something fast)

the shabby shoppe specializes in digital scrapbooking products which can be used in digital scrapbooking, hybrid scrapping...and all kinds of crafting and creating
projects. our designs are generally a little bit shabby with lots of texture, patterns and color :o)

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